Michelle Williams Pushes Back Against Those Who Say She Doesn’t ‘Look’ Depressed
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Singer Michelle Williams is clapping back at trolls who claim she doesn’t look like she suffers from depression. The R&B turned gospel singer has been vocal about her own struggles with depression, even checking into a mental health facility back in July, a decision she openly shared with fans. Williams said there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to living with and recovering from depression.
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“It almost made me feel guilty for doing the work to feel better, look better and BE BETTER!!,” she wrote in a caption on Instagram. “I began to wonder how long was I supposed to walk around looking like what I had been through.” The “Sun Will Shine Again” singer admitted that at one point during her journey she “definitely looked and felt a mess, but I made the decision to get it together!! I look at new pictures of me now [versus] 10 weeks ago and I truly thank God for bringing me this far.” Williams also wrote some encouraging words to those in the throes of depression: “I just want to encourage someone to smile, get up, brush your teeth, comb your hair, shower, put some bronzer on, get a shape up, put some lotion on your ashy ankles, put something nice on.” “For those of you unfamiliar with someone going through something,” the 38-year-old singer added, “pray before you speak or just smile at them and keep it moving.” Williams has been vocal about mental health awareness throughout the years. During a 2017 interview with The Talk, she even shared her struggle with suicidal thoughts during her prime years as a member of Destiny’s Child. “I was suicidal, I was to that place where it got so dark and heavy,” she said at the time.


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