Michael B. Jordan Wishes Naomi Osaka A ‘Happy Belated’ Birthday Gift We All Want
Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage
When U.S. Open champion Naomi Osaka first opened up about her celebrity crush on Michael B. Jordan to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres last month, she did not expect it to go much further. But with the host of the The Ellen DeGeneres Show being so generous, she gifted the tennis superstar a present we’re all dying for too. (Hook us up, Ellen!) On Tuesday, DeGeneres sent Osaka a shirtless photo of Jordan as a birthday gift. “Happy birthday, @Naomi_Osaka_,” she wrote as a caption. “I got you a present. @michaelb4jordan.” “Pls block me,” the tennis star responded in dismay. Then Jordan himself got involved and shared another shirtless photo of himself! “This one is better and more recent. LOL Happy Belated Bday Naomi,” he tweeted Wednesday morning. “But seriously I want to invite you to the Creed 2 premiere as a bday present.” In September, Osaka told DeGeneres that Jordan is her celebrity crush — though she didn’t know his real name. She only knew him as his Black Panther character, Erik Killmonger. DeGeneres is the type of friend we need in our lives. And she knows it. “You’re welcome Naomi,” she said after Jordan’s invitation.