15 Photos Of Meagan And La’Myia Good’s Sisterly Bond
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Sometimes when celebrities have siblings, those brothers and sisters are not interested in always being on the scene with the star in their family. Instead, they go under the radar. For actress Meagan Good, her siblings are an example of this. 

The star has three of them: Lexus, Colbert, and La’Myia, but we don’t often see the four together. One sibling we do have the privilege of seeing by their sister’s side is La’Myia Good—the older sister of the actress. If she looks familiar, it’s because La’Myia has appeared on some of our favorite ’90s shows, including Sister, Sister, The Parent ‘Hood, Smart Guy, City Guys, The Parkers, and even ER.

Remember the R&B girl group Isyss? Our sis was a part of that, too. 

The Good sisters have worked together in the industry, most recently appearing together in Death Saved My Life—a Lifetime thriller that premiered in 2021. And despite being the big sister, La’Myia said she was able to learn a lot working with her baby sister.

“Megan’s my youngest sister but I felt like I had to sit back and she mentored me through this one,” she told Shadow and Act. “There were a lot of tools and tips that she gave me. We rehearsed together and went over lines and had exercises and things together. I look at her with such admiration and inspiration because she really does put hard work into every single role that she does. She really takes her craft super seriously. So I really took the time to listen to her in the season and not be the big sister and truly become the student this time.”

How lucky are the duo that they can slay the entertainment industry together? 

They’re also lucky they have sister love because it can be one of the best kinds. Who doesn’t want to have a best friend for life? On that note, here are a few of our favorite sightings of the two over the years.