Keyshia Cole Shares A Heartbreaking Update About Her Mother’s Battle With Addiction
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We were first introduced to Keyshia Cole’s quirky mother, Francine “Frankie” Lons, on the singer’s BET series, Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is. Fans grew to love Lons, but the show didn’t shy away from her battle with addiction. The R&B singer recently shared a heartbreaking update about her mother’s current status as she’s battled to stay clean over the years. “Every time my mom relapse[s], it breaks my heart more than it’s already been broken,” the singer wrote on Instagram. In the post, Cole shared a video of her mother during happier times and expressed her love and support for Lons, in spite of her current setbacks. During the vulnerable moment, the 36-year-old singer also had a few encouraging words for those who also have loved ones dealing with addiction. “I’m hoping, if any of u are dealing with a family member who’s battling with drug addiction, that you, yourself are learning how to cope with the struggle of it all,” Cole said. “And all the pain it brings to see a loved one constantly relapsing. See them go back to the streets Because that’s what they’re used to, or would rather be.” This isn’t the first time Cole told fans about her mother’s troubles. Last year, she took to Twitter to share a conversation with Lons that left her reeling.

Keyshia's birthday is October 15.

“Guess what you guys?” Cole wrote on the social media platform. “I told my mother the other day I was afraid to lose her because she keeps going back to the streets. You know what she said? In return?” Cole asked before tweeting, “She said. ‘YOU’LL be aight.’” The moment left Cole shaken. “I was like. Wtf is that suppose to mean. Smh. I will NOT be ok if something happens to her. AT ALL! Not amount of money could replace,” she wrote. Hopefully Lons knows her family is pulling for her right now. But just in case she’s unclear, the “Let It Go” singer also had a heartfelt message for her mom: “I really miss you! And will always love u.” We wish Miss Frankie the best!


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