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[BLANK_AUDIO] We've known you for a long time, loved you, and your entire family. Thank you. And you've done reality TV before. Do you ever look back and say, you know what? I really regret doing this, or doing that? Do you have any regrets about doing it? No. Yeah. No, no, no. I do I wish that people would learn from some of the mistakes that we make and then just try to correct them and be better as people. But everybody is learning at their own pace and I can't force anybody to To learn and live at my pace of course. So with that being said no I don't regret anything and I'm thankful that I had that opportunity. And I've been actually reporting on my own cuz I just met my father not too long ago. Yes so let's talk about that I'm so glad you brought that up. What is your relationship like with your biological father? We speak a lot. He's pretty busy cuz he's a boxing coach. Wow. And he's training his fighters and everything. So he travels a lot. And I've been working a lot so it's been hard to see each other, but we speak a lot. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Keyshia Cole Expresses That She's 'Afraid To Lose' Her Mom

We’re praying for the singer and her mother Frankie Lons.


On Friday, singer Keyshia Cole got personal with her fans when she shared a recent encounter with her mom, Frankie Lons. 

“Guess what you guys?,” she started her Twitter conversation. “I told my mother the other day I was afraid to lose her because she keeps going back to the streets. You kno what she said? In return?” Then tweeting, “She said. ‘YOU’LL be aight'”




Lons, who we were first introduced to us when Cole visited her in prison on her reality show, Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, has battled a drug addiction over the years. 

In a series of tweets, Cole continued to share her sadness and frustration with her mom, and her belief that her mom “feels no pain.”















Cole, who’s a mother to her seven-year-old son Daniel, also explained how she didn’t understand how a mother could say that to her child and how her mother is “the best thing that ever happened” to her.

We are praying for Lons and Cole, and hope that Lons remains safe.