26 Famous Black Women Over 50 Who Prove Fabulosity Knows No Age
Viola Davis | Photo credit: Getty

Ever heard the phrase ‘Black don’t crack’? Well, these beautiful Black women are proving the beauty of aging like fine wine – and they’re only getting better with time. We remember seeing these women like supermodel Iman fresh off the runway in the latest haute couture and on-screen beauties like Regina Hall and Regina King in some of our favorite movies from Scary Movie, Best Man, Friday, and Poetic Justice. While we were first introduced to some of these incredible showstoppers in their late teens, early 20s, or even 30s, we now see them taking over their respective industries by storm while unapologetically slaying in their 50s.

Take a look at some of the fabulously fine Black women in 50 and up club who are effortlessly proving that beauty is timeless and has no age limit.