What About Your Friends? Regina Hall Thanks Her Circle of Sisters In This Moving Black Women In Hollywood Moment
ESSENCE/Getty Images

In the words of our stunning Black Women In Hollywood honoree Regina Hall, “behind Black girl magic is some white man power.” It’s ok, though. Because our sis is blessed and highly favored. That’s in no small part thanks to her circle of loyal girlfriends that keep her grounded, motivated and pressing forward.

In a hilarious yet refreshingly-honest speech, Regina recalled a time when her friends Sanaa Lathan, Melissa De Sousa came to the rescue after her beloved dog suddenly passed away.

“[Elise] was at my house 10 minutes later,” she told the audience. “Then Melissa came. Sanaa came with an overnight bag. They were like the three wise men. They had floral essence spray, Xanax, Ativan and cannabis oil. They showed up when they knew I couldn’t and that’s what life requires. I couldn’t even have this moment if I didn’t have the people who have been in my life enabling me to sustain the times that have been difficult,  that have been doubtful, the heartbreaks.”

Regina also opened up about times when she felt rejected after getting denied certain roles and her friends were there to adjust her crown…with a little shade, of course. “You know when you don’t get a job? Thank you for being the friends that say, ‘well you know the movie’s not gonna be good.’ Your friends give you those words because they know you need to make it through those moments.”

Moral of the story: if your friends don’t lift you up, you need new friends.

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