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EXCLUSIVE: Gospel Star Micah Stampley on New Album, Family and 'Our God'

On his latest release, Gospel star Micah Stampley reflects on why God's love is essential to our survival. 

The dictionary describes the word “fail” as something deficient or lacking, but on Micah Stampley’s 6th solo release, Love Never Fails, Stampley proves that not only is love essential to our survival, but God’s unfailing, unwavering love is the most vital.

ESSENCE.com recently sat down with Micah Stampley to talk about his brand new album, new label home and more.

ESSENCE.COM: You were previously signed to Matthew Knowles’ label Music World Gospel and now you are on Motown Gospel. How do you like your new home?

STAMPLEY: It is night and day! Just the name Motown carries so much weight. And Motown Gospel, which was previously EMI Gospel, was actually the label where I released my very first project, so I’m honored to be back working with the same great group of people. I never thought I would be associated with the label that is synonymous with the legendary Berry Gordy! 

ESSENCE.COM: You new single Our God is a remake by Christian artist, Chris Tomlin. Why did you choose such a popular song as your first single?

STAMPLEY: I have always been a huge fan of Chris Tomlin and I absolutely love the song! As I travel the globe many African American churches are singing his music, particularly the song “Our God: so when the label president, Ken Pennell, suggested it, I didn’t hesitate. 

ESSENCE.COM: We discovered you have a role in the sequel to Anchorman.

STAMPLEY: Well let me put the disclaimer out there. I don’t know if it is rated R or what and I didn’t see the first one, but I do know that it was a big hit! (lol) I didn’t have a speaking role, but it is a very funny scene. Will Farrell is ice skating and playing the flute and there is a band behind him and I am the drummer. I have on this big Afro and the band is just rockin’ out. It was freezing when we filmed it, but I had a great time. A lot of people don’t know this, but before I became an artist, I was acting and modeling. 

ESSENCE.COM: Your wife Heidi is your writing partner and also your manager. How do you make the marriage and business work cohesively?

STAMPLEY: There are times when I have to listen to what she is saying and submit when she is in that manager role. And then there are times when she has to be submissive as a wife. I also had to learn how to take a more authoritative role in my home when making decisions for the family. So it can be kind of hard balancing everything trying to figure out is this “Micah the husband” or “Micah the artist right now”. I drive her crazy and she drives me crazy, but it works for us.

ESSENCE.COM: What message do you want listeners to take away from “Love Never Fails?”

STAMPLEY: His mercy is everlasting and his love is unfailing! Whatever you did yesterday, last year or 5 minutes ago, you can still come back to God. Now that is not an excuse to live in sin, but don’t let the spirit of guilt, shame, and embarrassment keep you from coming home.

Gerald Jones is the founder of Da Gospel Truth.