Get Lifted: 20 Gospel Artists To Watch in 2016

This is said to be the year of completion, rest and forgiveness…and we’d like to add the year of exceptional, uplifting music from a few familiar faces, but many new faces as well. Here's a look at our 20 gospel artists to watch in 2016.

16 Gospel Artists to Watch Closely in 2015

Who doesn’t love the start of a New Year? Not only are there new beginnings and new opportunities, but it also means new music, new artists and for some, it’s their moment to shine on their own or return after an extended break. Our list for 2015 Gospel artists to watch is just that…a little bit of the familiar mixed in with the new!

15 Gospel Artists to Watch in 2014

The only way the ever-evolving music industry continues to grow is if new artists are given the chance to thrive and shine, while the more established artists usher them into the limelight to share the platform. Gospel music is no different. From Erica Campbell to Anaysha Figueroa, here are 15 Gospel artists we're keeping our eyes (and ears) on in 2014.