Watch NFL Player Devon Still’s Daughter Hilariously Put Him On Blast For Playing Barbies

Joseph Lin Photography / The Knot

Leah Still reveals it all in this adorable video.

Mariya Moseley Feb, 06, 2017

We love a good daughter-daddy moment!

NFL Player Devon Still, who plays for the Houston Texans, shared a video on social media where his daughter revealed that her father is quite the Barbie expert. In the video, Leah starts to spill the beans that her football player dad does indeed play Barbies with her before he intervenes with a playful tap.


The video taken during the NFL Women’s Summit, shows Still’s 7-year-old daughter Leah reflecting on their playtime. According to People, this summit was the first of its kind and was hosted on the eve of the 51st Super Bowl. 

Just a few years ago, Leah was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma before she overcame cancer in 2015. 

Last year, she served as the flower girl in the New York City wedding where Devon and then fiancée Asha Joyce tied the knot.