Black Twitter Shows That Love For Tevin Campbell Is Still Burning Strong
Ethan Miller/BET/Getty Images
Black Twitter proved on Friday that the love for 90s R&B sensation Tevin Campbell is timeless. It all started when New York Times best-selling author Luvvie Ajayi took to Twitter to joke that she hadn’t heard Tevin Campbell’s name in awhile, after some were floating his name on the list of artists who should pay tribute to Aretha Franklin, who died earlier this week. “Someone suggested Tevin Campbell to sing at Aretha’s tribute,” she tweeted. “Under what rock did they pull that name from?” While Ajayi immediately clarified that she wasn’t insulting his work, but instead just poking fun at the fact that fans hadn’t heard from him in awhile, because many younger Twitter users seemed unaware of Campbell’s history (and receipts) the Internet took advantage of the moment to show their love for him and his history-making discography. Even the likes of Wale and Missy Elliott stepped in to show their support for Campbell. Campbell’s name became a trending topic Friday evening as a result of this love fest. “No Tevin Campbell slander shall prosper,” Wale tweeted. “Lord have we gotten so far away from real R&B that people done forgot real sanging & questioning who @tevincampbelll is?” Missy tweeted. “Tevin had bops before y’all was saying Issa bop.” Even director Ava Duvernay had something to say, offering to write Campbell into an episode of her show “Queen Sugar.” Campbell later took to Twitter to thank his fans for the love. “I am truly touched by the love fans on Twitter have for me. I love em all back!!!!” he said. Check out how others came to Campbell’s defense:


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