Mimi Faust And Ty Young Call Off Their Engagement — Again: ‘I Wish Ty The Best’
Prince Williams/Wireimage

Ty Young is letting the world know she’s “single,” which is her way of informing the public that she and Mimi Faust have ended their engagement, and their relationship, for a second time.

She shared this info after she was spotted hanging out with a former teammate named DiJonai Carrington, and the two appeared somewhat closer than just friends. This happened about a week after Faust labeled Young her #WCW (woman crush Wednesday).


When some called Young out over it, she clarified that people had it all wrong.

In a post that she would later delete, Young wrote, “Normally things happen in silence. But since we’re here. You can’t cheat when you’re single and I guess you can’t have friends either…”

As for Faust, she seemingly responded with a post about remembering who you are in stressful moments. She also directly responded to Young’s comments about being single on The Shaderoom after they picked up the retired WNBA star’s since-deleted post.

“It is imperative that when you say you are moving forward with your plans, life or goals ..that those words are followed by action and led by passion,” she wrote. “My friends, we all have grown in the last 2-3 years. New friends and old; they remain people that we learn from and share or [sic] life stories with. In saying this I want to make sure that I wish Ty the best. Remember, we all grow and that is ok. It’s also ok to grow apart. Just respect each other in the process.”

Young responded by sharing InstaStories about being of good, “solid” character, prioritizing peace and God answering prayers.

The pair were previously engaged in 2020 before Faust revealed that they called things off in 2021. But the couple reconnected and in January of 2022, announced their second engagement at the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star’s 50th birthday party.

Now, it sounds, per Faust, as if they just grew apart again. It’s sad to see things end between them, as just last year she told us in an interview that after they both did work on themselves, she was looking forward to seeing where things would go between them.

“We’re starting over on every level — as friends, as getting to know each other, setting boundaries,” she said at the time. “I just want a clean slate. Let’s start over and see where it goes.”

The two have been on again, and off again since 2020, but have been dating overall since 2016.