Angela Simmons Mourns Her Grandmother’s Death: ‘We Are Going To Miss You So Much’
Natasha Hatendi

The Simmons family is mourning the loss of one of their loved ones. Angela and Vanessa Simmons revealed that they lost one of their grandparents Monday evening in social media posts.

“Grandma…We are going to miss you so much…we love you,” Angela wrote in the caption of a picture of her beloved grandmother, spending time with her toddler son.

In the picture, her grandmother smiles brightly at the camera as she balances Simmon’s son Sutton Joseph Tennyson on her knee.

Angela’s older sister, Vanessa, also mourned the loss of their matriarch on Instagram.

She wrote in remembrance, “Been in disbelief and denial all day that this is real. You will be missed Gramma.”

Simmon’s father, hip-hop pioneer Reverend Run, expressed his sadness about the passing of his mother-in-law on his own Instagram page.

“My mother in law passed today. Such a strong classy lady,” he wrote.

He followed the touching description of her with a heartfelt message.

“To my mother in law…To my children’s grandmother to my wife’s mother and To the rest of her family and friends you meant so much to us all. May you rest and be blessed. Love you mom,” he added.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Simmons family at this difficult time.


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