Diddy Opens Up About His ‘Day 1’ As A Single Father: ‘Today The Journey Begins’
Since the passing of his ex-girlfriend, actress and model Kim Porter, Diddy has seemingly taken on the role of full-time dad. The music mogul shared with his more than 15 million Twitter followers what the first day of his new routine entailed. In a video, captioned, “Day 1,” Diddy is shown driving his 11-year-old twins, Jessie James and D’Lila Star, to school on Monday morning. “Today the journey begins,” he says in the video. “I’m now a part of the 6 a.m. crew. This is mommy-daddy,  daddy-mommy, checking in.” Diddy is now taking on more responsibilities with his kids after Porter’s unexpected passing. Porter, who died of cardiac arrest on November 15, had reportedly been suffering from pneumonia for several weeks, but her cause of death is still unclear even after an autopsy.
“This daddy-mommy thing is beautiful,” Diddy continues in the video. “You just have to get up early in the morning…like real early.” Diddy adds, “So we out here…All the single mother’s, y’all know what that is. Even some single father’s, you gotta step up and play both roles. The mother’s do it all the time.” The mogul fathered three children with Porter: his 20-year-old son Christian and his twin daughters. Porter is also survived by her son, actor Quincy brown, from her previous relationship with singer Al B. Sure!