Angela Bassett Reveals The One Thing She Took From ‘Black Panther’ Set
Michael Rowe

For fans who saw Black Panther, it is impossible to forget the vibrant world of Wakanda. From it’s technology to the incredible costumes created for the tribes represented in the film, Wakanda pretty much makes some of our favorite cities look like chopped liver.

So, it’s no surprise that when Angela Bassett, who plays Queen Ramonda, stopped by to chat with ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! podcast, she revealed that she couldn’t leave the set empty-handed.

“I kept the Wakandan beads. I had to make friends with the prop guy to get those bad boys,” she revealed. “[I] could’t keep the mantle and the headdress, I mean, that was like $16,000 of digital printing from Denmark or somewhere. Ruth Carter had that made.

Honestly, we can’t blame the actress for wanting to take a piece of Wakanda home.

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Bassett also dropped gems on strength and vulnerability during her interview. Take note because it’s definitely worth remembering.

Discussing her confidence on the red carpet, the actress said, “Sometimes, if you don’t feel it, you gotta do it and then the feeling will come. You’re not gonna feel badass 24/7 because vulnerability and strength go hand in hand.”

“You can recognize strength by it being juxtaposed against vulnerability,” Bassett continued. “Vulnerability is sensitivity and tenderness and all those things, there’s great strength in that.” 

She added, “It ebbs and flows, it’s just being human. Knowing that whether I’m strong, whether I’m weak or I’m tender or I’m strong, I’m enough.”


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