PUREVOC Is The New Skincare Collection From Wonderskin That Promises 30 Hours Of Hydration
Courtesy of Wonderskin

If you’re beauty and TikTok obsessed like we are, then you’re probably up on the latest trends, including the viral peel and reveal lip stain from Wonderskin that’s become a favorite amongst beauty creators. In fact, the products have become so popular that it is currently Amazon’s third bestseller. 

Well, Wonderskin recently released the PUREVOC collection, an affordable solution designed to mimic the coveted post-facial glow without a visit to the spa. The collection consists of face cream, serum, and eye cream that boosts the benefits of camouflaging fine lines, wrinkles, and imperfections.

“PUREVOC is in a category all its own, as it’s a hybrid of skincare and makeup,” Victoria Kirby, Wonderskin Beauty Director tells ESSENCE. “The daily regimen of a serum, face cream, and eye cream instantly makes your skin appear smoother, more even-toned, and incredibly radiant, but without the use of traditional color pigments that conceal skin and give you an obvious makeup-y finish. This immediate cosmetic effect creates the best version of your natural skin and lasts all day so you can skip concealer and foundation.” Kirby goes on to explain the unique collection name. “It’s why we named the collection the word “coverup” spelled backwards, as PUREVOC is the opposite of covering up your skin.”

So what’s included in the latest and greatest? First, is the All Day Glow Multi-Corrective Face Cream ($40), which blurs away imperfections and renews skin’s firmness with the help of organic collagen, hyaluronic acids, and Vitamin C. Then we have the All Day Glow Multi-Corrective Serum ($50) — just what you need for makeup-free confidence. Packed with Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and green algae extracts, the serum minimizes the appearance of dark spots, plumping hydration, and protects against environmental damage. Then finally, there’s the All Day Glow Multi-Corrective Eye Cream ($33) which diffuses shadows, smooths puffiness, and treats fine lines thanks to skin-loving ingredients including shea butter, caffeine, and squalene. Bright eyes, here we come! 

According to the brand, the PUREVOC collection is helping us to alleviate the clutter on our beauty counters with its minimalist skincare system that maximizes hydration and color correction, allowing for optimal skin health without the extra steps. Cheers to more time to relax! 

Additionally, Wonderskin claims that after just 4-weeks of use, users can expect long-term results for a more youthful, natural glow. The collection is reasonably priced from $33-$50 and is available on Wonderskin.com and Amazon.com.


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