This TikTok Divorcée Channeled Her Pain Into A Multi-Million Dollar Beauty Business
Courtesy of Southern Elegance Candle Co.

For many of us, divorce can be completely devastating. However, for D’Shawn Faison her temporary pain led to a multimillion-dollar beauty business. Recently, the 50+-year-old owner of Southern Elegance Candle Co. turned to TikTok to share her story. Watch it below, and then we’ll catch up.

“In 2019, after 21 years of marriage, my husband announced he met someone else and she made him happy,” she captioned in the video. “Within 30 days, he packed all his stuff, moved out, moved on with the new relationship, and left me to put my life back together.”  Faison goes on that she was devastated and her life began to roll into utter chaos. 

To his credit, Faison says that her husband left her everything that she requested, including the fledgling candle business. Unfortunately, due to lack of focus she almost lost her company completely. “Covid hit and I had to shut down my business completely,” she continues in the captions. “I cried every day because I felt like I had lost everything.”

Now here’s the silver lining to this story. Just when Faison thought that her life and business were becoming too much to handle, she remembered one thing… she was a “Bad B**ch.” 

That simple phrase was just the motivation she needed to get her life in order. “I focused all my energy on healing and making my company more profitable. Now I am the owner of a multimillion-dollar home fragrance company,” she shares. 


We offer this as the moral of this story: Wounds may hurt, but they also heal. Always remember that you are in control of your success — even if it doesn’t feel like it. 

See more about how this “Bad B**ch” learned to heal and regain her focus to become the successful businesswoman she is today.


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