Skai Jackson Is A Blossoming Beauty To Watch
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With the release of her new book Reach for the Skai: How To Inspire, Empower, and Clapback, Skai Jackson has been busy. Just this week alone the teen has been doing appearances in New York, including BuzzFeed News’ AM to DM, TODAY, and she was honored at the Give A Little Awards on Thursday night. Her anti-bullying activism has garnered her praise and much deserved accolades. And her pithy and clever clapbacks have secured her a spot as one of social media’s youngest clapback queens.

But still, she takes it all in stride. And as the 17-year-old star grows up in front of our eyes, she’s blossoming into a beauty to look out for on the red carpet. She’s gone from being a Disney kid finding her way to an outspoken and confident young Black woman with a love for getting glam. The self-proclaimed sneaker head serves up heels and high fashion with hair and makeup to match.

Though she swears by a less is more mantra, and when it comes to daytime makeup she says “keep it light,” the star is not shy about changing up her look to add more drama. Even in the face of bullying she stands her ground and wears what makes her feel good. When one Instagram troll told her that her pink hair looked bad on her because it made her look darker, she responded with a cheeky quip, and then rocked a sleek pink bob to her next event.

With a love for switching up her hair into a plethora of creative styles, and never being shy about trying eye makeup color trends, Jackson is easily becoming known for her beauty as much as she’s heralded for her clever comebacks. She’s an inspiration for all the young girls who look up to her in so many ways. So we’re ending her tremendous week with a nod to 15 times she gave us a beauty look that left us gagged this year.

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