No Drip Cleansing Cuffs: The Latest Skincare Product To Go Viral On Social Media

Tired of water dripping down your arm when you wash your face? LABeautyologist is fixing that.
By Lauryn Jiles · May 28, 2021

The most innovative skincare product just dropped! If you’re tired of water and face wash dripping down your hands everytime you go in for your skin routine, then you need to purchase the No Drip Cleansing Cuffs. Nai, the owner of LABeautyologist, created the cleansing puffs as a way to prevent water and product from dripping down your arms while washing your face.

The cleansing puffs are ultra absorbing wrist cuffs that absorb water, leaving your arms dry after doing your skincare routine. The puffs first went viral on Twitter earlier this week, with over 5000 retweets, 2000 quote tweets, and 41,000 likes. After the viral tweet, Twitter users flocked to their website to preorder the puffs, which sold out instantly. LABeautyologist also has a huge presence on Instagram and Youtube, with over 132k followers on Instagram and 467k subscribers on Youtube with millions of views. 

The cleansing puffs are now available for preorder on The cuffs come in four different colors and are one size fits all. You can purchase one pack for $23, which comes with two of the No Drip Cleansing Cuffs. The puffs will start shipping out on June 21.


Courtesy of LA Beautyologist