These Celebrity Quarantine Nail Disasters Are Hilarious
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Think your nails are feeling it because of quarantine? Well, you know you’re not alone. But now you know that celebrities are even more like us than ever before. Jada Pinkett Smith was one of the first stars to be transparent about the struggle she was having with her gel tips through a photo of her quarantine nails.

Now, more celebrities are revealing exactly how real the nail struggle is in their homes. While we feel for them because we’re going through it too, we can’t help but laugh (along with them) at how disastrous some of these nails have gotten. Sis, we understand, and I still double-tapped these posts.

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We could all learn a little something from Olympian Gail Devers when it comes to embracing those broken nails. And we could all use a good gel kit right about now too.

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The nail struggle is realllllllll!

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Halle Berry seems to be having the opposite experience, where her nails are inexplicably growing healthy and strong. Man, she even quarantines beautifully. We already Stan for her makeup-free skin, now we get to envy her stay-at-home nails too.

Meanwhile, the male rappers are still dipping into our mani/pedi kits and don’t seem to be having the same problems we are having with the upkeep. We are well aware that Lil Pump didn’t start this trend, but it’s not a bad color if I may say.

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#PressPlay: #LilPump showing off his mani pedi!

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How are your quarantine nails holding up right now?


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