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5 Easy Ways To Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home

These hassle-free tools will help you safely remove gel nail polish at home without destroying your nails.
5 Easy Ways To Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home
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This has probably been the longest you’ve gone without refreshing your gel manicure (same), and the temptation to bite and peel and scrape the gunk off your fingernails is only growing stronger by the minute. However, It’s best you resist, or else risk destroying your nails in the process.

Although a lot has changed over the past few days when it comes to removing gel nail polish, the rule is still the same: Leave it to a professional to prevent you from damaging your digits.

With social distancing in effect, tapping a nail technician for the job may be difficult, so I’ve rounded up a few tools to help you safely remove your gel manicure from the comfort of your home.