ICYMI: Missy Is Stunning And Giving A Word In A Recent Instagram Post
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When is Missy Elliott not inspiring us to be our best?

That’s clearly a rhetorical question because the answer is never. The 49-year-old rapper and singer has been giving a word through her music, interviews and more since the ’90s. And in a recent Instagram post, she dropped another gem about embracing one’s differences that has us in our feelings.

“I never did fit.. I wasn’t the size or the look but I embraced that I was DIFFERENT even tho it would of been easier to follow to fit in,” she wrote. “I went on to CREATE MY OWN LANE & To find there were MANY people like me. I am GRATEFUL to have seen 3 eras of music. So when many may count you out, my advice to You is to PUSH 4ward.”

The heartfelt message is exactly what many of us need to hear nearly nine months into what has been a year seemingly filled with more lows than highs. It’s a beautiful affirmation for anyone feeling like the odd one out, who might actually just be ahead of his or her time.

We love that the message also comes alongside an image of the star looking absolutely stunning in black lipstick and green hair. Didn’t the haters tell us melanin-rich girls that we couldn’t rock certain colors at one point in time?

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But Missy has always been a trailblazer when it comes to beauty and fashion trends, refusing to be tethered to antiquated expectations for women in entertainment. She’s also been a leading voice of female empowerment in the hip hop community, daring to own her sexuality with songs such as “One Minute Man”, “P—y Cat” and “Sock It 2 Me.”

She not only paved the way for female rappers today who refuse to be boxed into a category, but she continues to champion for them daily.


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