Missy Elliott Makes Political Fashion Statement In New Music Video
Missy Elliott hasn’t released an album since 2005’s The Cookbook, yet we all rejoice at the mere mention of her name and new music! We’re still watching her last video “WTF (Where They From)” with Pharrell Williams from 2015 but get ready to watch her latest masterpiece, “I’m Better,” featuring Lamb. The video (and song) were both released on YouTube last night at midnight, and it’s currently the #10 trending video on YouTube. Take a look below! Although we love the hip-hop song and can see it becoming one of 2017’s biggest hits, we are most in love with Missy’s futuristic fashion choices for the visual. She opens up the video with a leather jacket with red feathers on the shoulders, which look like wings, and her high-tech lipstick reminds us of Pat McGrath’s sold-out Metalmorphosis that launched in November. Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. In the second underwater scene (yes underwater!), Missy rocks ‘80s-inspired doorknocker earrings and uses fashion as a political statement with her colorful bedazzled jacket that displayed “Save the Humans” across the front. That phrase is a reference to solving climate change to protect our planet and save humanity. It could also easily apply to various executive orders our new POTUS has signed just this past week. #StayWoke Missy co-directed the video with Dave Meyers, and she choreographed it alongside Sean Bankhead. Missy’s talent for music and dance is undeniable and we cannot wait for her to drop her new album! In the meantime, get ready for the upcoming documentary on the singer/rapper, which she also teased yesterday.


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