Mastercard Is Set To Release Two Priceless Fragrances
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Since we’re out here spending money, we might as well smell like it! That’s exactly the thought that came to mind when Mastercard recently introduced its two world-class fragrances at the Fashion Group International’s Night of Stars celebration in New York City. The brand, appropriately named Priceless™, serves as the experiential branch of Mastercard, and the company’s unique way of connecting and building strong relationships with consumers.

Created by renowned perfumers from Firmenich, both of the exquisite scents embody some of the most aromatic ingredients in the world of perfumery.

“Firmenich is thrilled to be a part of this novel sensorial approach to capturing and maintaining consumer attention,” says Théo E. Spilka, Global Vice President, Strategic Licensing & Business Development in a press release. “We at Firmenich are passionate about creating positive emotions and improving wellbeing while preserving the planet. Our two talented perfumers Dora Baghriche and Marie Salamagne have created two scents that are comparable with one another are remarkable; as this is symbolically in parallel to our company values on diversity and inclusion.”

Appropriately, the fragrances reflect Mastercard’s iconic brand colors; red (Priceless Passion) and yellow (Priceless Optimism). 

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Passion, which according to Mastercard combines rose and honey and Optimism, “a high-quality, clean woody, vetiver fragrance,” are the first two fragrance iterations to be revealed.

 “Science has shown that fragrance has the ability to evoke powerful emotional connections and with Priceless, we hope to provide an uplifting, immersive and unforgettable experience to consumers,” said Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard chief marketing and communications officer and president of Healthcare.

While the fragrances have yet to receive a price tag (or official launch date), we are excited about the idea of smelling like new money in the next year.