7 Nude Lipsticks To Try On National Lipstick Day
David Crockett

To celebrate National Lipstick Day (NLD) on June 29, makeup brands will be offering your favorite lipsticks at discount prices making the holiday the perfect time to stock up on all of your favorite shades, and even consider trying a new one.  

Wearing a shade other than your staple lip color may sound scary, but I’m here to tell you that the possibilities are bold and beautiful and especially for brown skin girls.

Nothing makes our melanin stand out more than a popping red lip or a nude hue, which is my favorite, although it’s also the trickiest.

Some nude lipsticks have an unflattering finish (think of your lips after you’ve eaten a box of powder donuts), but there’s also plenty of flesh-tone formulas that look stunning on deep skin. My Instagram is proof.

For a look at my favorites and possibly your new nude go to come NLD, scroll through the gallery below.

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