Alicia Keys On The Latest Keys Soulcare Collection
Courtesy of Brand

Keys Soulcare, the clean skincare brand committed to making others look and feel good inside and out, has launched a new collection of skincare-color hybrid products. For Alicia Keys, who created Keys Soulcare as a result of redefining what beauty meant to her, this new collection is not about covering up one’s imperfections – it was created to enhance and uncover all of the beautiful parts about you.

In the realm of Keys Soulcare, products are referred to as ‘offerings’ and a skincare routine is considered a ‘ritual’ – the lingo is not only a reflection of how the legendary musician has redefined beauty, but it’s also meant to bring meaning to routine. For instance, each product is also matched with an affirmation. Two of the affirmations that appear in the new collection are ‘I put myself first’ and ‘I choose my own path’.

“I’m a huge affirmation mantra maniac,” Keys tells ESSENCE. “There are definitely days when I’m feeling like shit and when I do the affirmations, it’s to claim what I want. I’m never usually feeling what I’m saying; I’m actually needing what I’m saying.”

“These types of ideas are things that we are not really taught to say,” Keys added. “We’re not really taught to say ‘I put myself first’ and to feel good about that. Immediately that brings up a feeling of selfishness or self centeredness, but it’s not about that. It’s about feeling good about yourself and then sharing it with others.”

While the empowering affirmations are uplifting your internal spirits, the ‘offerings’ will ensure you shine just as bright on the outside. The Sheer Flush Cheek tint, which is available in eight flesh-tone shades, was inspired by the colors of naturally flushed cheeks. The buildable tint not only delivers color for a healthy looking flush, but it’s also infused with sunflower and safflower seed oil to keep the skin plump and hydrated – the new products double as makeup and skincare in one.

The collection also includes a Comforting Tinted Lip Balm, which is available in six different shades, that provides a sheer wash of color and softens and plumps the lips with avocado oil and camellia seed oil. And the Soft Stay Brow Gel is a must-have because it provides a full, voluminous look to eyebrows without the crunchy feel – thanks to the bamboo and hibiscus flower water listed in the ingredients. 

When asked how she wishes people to feel when using the new Keys Soulcare products, Keys says, “I want people to feel like themselves and I want them to feel how they want to express themselves. I want them to feel safe too because when I use something new, I get very nervous about what will irritate my skin.”

Whether you choose to build and blend, or keep it simple with just one tint, the one-step application process makes Keys Soulcare easy to wear for everyone. 

The new Keys Soulcare collection is now available for purchase on