Jackie Aina Shares A Beauty Hack That Will Keep Sunglasses From Smudging Your Makeup
Photo: Getty

Every year we discover a new life-changing beauty hack on the internet.
And while some of the tricks seem a bit bizarre at first, like using a spoon to create a cut crease or tape for nailing a cat eye, they work. And 2020 beauty hacks prove to be just as eccentric.

On Monday, Jackie Aina shared a trick on Tik Tok that any makeup wearer who wears glasses will find helpful.

Specs tend to leave a pesky indentation at the bridge of your nose, and sometimes removing your glasses can remove your coverage in that area altogether. Fortunately, Aina has a clever solution for that.

To avoid smudging your makeup, Aina suggests applying a “teensy bit of translucent powder to them, and blot off the access before wearing.”

Check out the demo below.

Photo: Twitter@jackieaina


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