This New Beauty Tool Will Help You Create The Perfect Cut Crease
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Creating a cut crease is never as easy as it looks in makeup tutorials. Jackie Aina may be able to execute the task in seconds, but it seems to take me forever. That’s why I’m super excited about the launch of the Cut Crease Creation Set from Crease Piece, which helps makeup mavens nail the makeup trend in no time.

Brittney Foley Founder and CEO of Crease Piece knows the struggle of creating a cut crease all too well. “A few years ago, I put a spoon to my eye to help create a cut-crease and overnight my #SpoonCutCrease [tutorial] went viral,” said Foley.

“Because of the feedback and attention the video received, I realized that this a void in the beauty industry the needed to be filled. [And] since a spoon isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, I created Crease Piece, a tool with multiple crease shapes, so that regardless of your eye shape, desired style or skill level, Crease Piece will have you covered—literally,” shared Foley.

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When news of Crease Piece hit my inbox, I’d immediately reached out to the Crease Piece founder to learn more about the beauty tool that was about to change my life.

“I want all beauty lovers, of any skill level, to be able to skip intimidating techniques for developing the perfect cut crease, and get a professional look every time, in a minute,” Foley told me.

“Each Cut Crease Creation Kit comes with three sets of custom and reusable silicone crease shapes for every eye shape and eyeshadow style.” So if you’re wondering whether or on you, it will. The Crease Piece was created with all eye shapes, and desired styles in mind.

What’s even better, the tool comes with three washable and reusable attachments for creating a doe-eyed, almond, and wing effect. And not to mention, it’s also affordable. The Crease Piece Creation Kit retails on the brands website for $20.

So put down your spoons ladies, and turn off those complicated makeup tutorials. The Crease Piece is all you need for achieving the eye makeup looks of your dreams.


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