20 Times We Wanted To Copy Issa Rae’s Hair And Makeup
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Issa Rae is far from awkward. It’s a title she shed years ago after hitting the red carpet time after time serving gorgeous and covetable hair and makeup. Her pointing out the lack of women up for best director at the Oscars nomination announcements got a little awkward, but we all understood the sentiment.

She speaks her mind and it’s one of the reasons we love her. We also love her laid back style, her consistently radiant skin, and her ever-creative natural hairstyles.

And with a new season of Insecure finally dropping this year, her new movie The Photograph hitting theaters on Valentine’s Day, and her 35th birthday this month, we’re looking forward to all the red carpet beauty she’ll have for us.

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So to start off 2020 celebrating one of our favorite awesome Black girls, we’re looking back at 20 times Issa Rae gave us new and creative ways to wear our natural hair, and showed us how to slay colored cosmetics.