Danessa Myricks On Launching New Products And Growing Her Brand During The Pandemic
Photo: Courtesy of Danessa Myricks Beauty

Danessa Myricks has spent the last few years traveling around the world, teaching masterclasses and workshops. In 2019 alone, the self-taught makeup artist, who has decades worth of industry experience and an eponymous makeup line under her (brush) belt—spent 300 days on the road. “One of my favorite things to do is to teach,” says Myricks. And even with traveling at a standstill, the educator continues to share her expertise.

On September 12, she launched Danessa Myricks University, a digital platform that offers an array of courses taught by the makeup pro herself. And Myricks, who loves sharing information, says she wants “as many people as possible to be able to have access,” so she’s even translating the courses into other languages.

The artist admits she struggled at the start of the pandemic and that as a creator, she felt handcuffed to her couch. As time went on, she learned to create in different ways. “I spent a lot of time reading, researching, and finding new ways to connect with this community I love so much,” says Myricks, who suggests the best is yet to come.

“I think so many artists have discovered new ways to be a part of the beauty industry. They took online classes and learned new skills. They reevaluated what they loved and didn’t love about their careers pre COVID-19 and are now emerging back into work with a new perspective,” and an invigorated beauty line for some.

In addition to launching Danessa Myricks University, the artist also relaunched Danessa Myricks Beauty, a brand that reflects all the things she couldn’t find but always dreamed about both as a consumer and a makeup artist. As someone who has always been interested in creating things that don’t exist and filling white spaces, with the beauty line, Myricks aims to create robust shade ranges, varying textures, and new ways for makeup lovers to explore. And below, she shares insight on the brand’s new launches.

Danessa Myricks Beauty Illuminating Veil, $22

“I traveled all over the world, teaching artists how to layer illuminating products to get that blinding, holographic, glass-like glow. I wanted to make it super easy for anyone to do it! The new Limited Edition shades Starlight, and Paradise, do just that! They are fun and easy to wear and perfect leading into the holiday season.

Danessa Myricks Beauty Color Fix Neon, $ 16

We noticed earlier in the year a steady rise in demand for neons and brights. ColorFix is our flagship product, so it’s needed in on the action! Pinks, purples, and oranges are easy colors to pull off for every complexion, and it wouldn’t be a neon collection with an electric yellow!

Danessa Myricks Prism FX Hydration Lotion, $28

Prism FX Hydrating Lotion is a complexion pick me up, offering hydration with the benefit of a brightening boost. The prismatic microfine pearls are designed to effortlessly brighten and correct. Each shade can be worn alone or mixed into your foundation as a brightening, hydrating boost.   The new Golden shade was designed to complement the entire range of skin tones from light to deep, adding a soft, subtle and radiant boost.”


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