10 Must-Try 2020 Makeup Trends For Black Women
Danessa Myricks

Now that the new year has begun we’re beginning to see all the predictions for 2020 manifested, or not. As another awards show closes, and another one is scheduled to premiere, we’re still watching all the red carpet beauty that celebrities are indulging in. While we’ve already seen some of the hair trends that the year has to offer, it feels like we’re just getting warmed up with makeup.

But the artists won’t be holding back for long, and we’re sure to see more than red lips and clean faces to start off a new decade.

Danessa Myricks, founder of Danessa Myricks Beauty and Event Consultant for The Makeup Show gave us the run down on makeup trends that we can expect to see more of as 2020 continues.

“[This] will be an exciting year for beauty!” says Myricks. “Beauty will be less about following and more about leading with authenticity and individuality. The year 2020 is about redefining the ‘norm’ and bending the rules. I’m so excited for all the possibilities!”

Check out the gallery below to see the looks that will rule red carpets and runways this first year of the new decade, and possibly beyond.


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