Camara AUnique Talks Selling Her Lash Line At Bloomingdales

Makeup artist Camara AUnique works with so many celebrities and influencers daily, perfecting their faces with an ease that most of us will never possess that it’s hard to believe that she would ever doubt herself. But she recently revealed to ESSENCE that she was scared to put herself out there when it came to launching her eyelash extension line Camara AUnique Beauty.

The artist has come a long way since hitting the market with the brand just earlier this year. This Saturday, the beauty entrepreneur will be participating in Bloomingdale’s Makeup Date Fall Festival in Short Hills, New Jersey from 12-3pm, giving lash applications and meeting with consumers. She’ll also be selling her lash kits, and a pair of her coveted lashes will be included in the gift bag for eligible guests.

The event is just for one day, but for Camara, it’s a dream, as just ten years ago she was freelancing for Estée Lauder behind the counter at Bloomingdale’s. Now she’ll be selling her lashes at the retailer, and she’s the first Black woman afforded this opportunity for this special event.

“For many years I focused on what others were doing and when I got to know myself over the past 2 years I was humbled by God,” she says. “And I just want to remind others, focus on your path, do what makes you happy, create what moves you. God will always make you the head and not the tail. Just have faith!”

We had lots of questions for the humble lash bae and she furthered shared why she feared launching, how she got past the fear, and what legacy she wants to secure for herself in this industry.

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So, real talk, you’re so talented, why were you scared?

I am the first Black woman with a lash line given the opportunity to do this. I was scared because I knew my life would change, but I was really afraid of rejection. I was afraid of not being supported by my peers. I was also afraid because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just creating another lash line.  I wanted to create a lash line for the women who felt left out, you know, the everyday woman, the woman suffering from alopecia, and the women who lost their lashes due to chemo. Those women still want to feel beautiful no matter what they’re going through. So I made sure I created a product that works for all women and allows them to feel and look beautiful. I call my lashes a “thoughtful lash line.”

You work with so many celebrities and influencers. Why did you want to create the lash line with the forgotten consumer in mind?

I created the lash line to allow the forgotten consumer to feel like they have a part of me in their homes. The women who continuously comment on my posts that one day they’ll be able to afford my services can now have me in their homes. It’s another reason why I created the AUnique Beauty Couch Series. It’s a way to feel like I’m on your couch giving you tips and tricks to help you feel your best.

Has the success of your eyelash extensions pushed you to launch other products?

I walk by this quote in the Bible, “Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you.” I have been honest that God is truly the CEO of Camara AUnique Beauty so when he’s ready, I’ll move. That may be the next move.

Any talks with Bloomingdale’s to carry your lash line past the event?

I would love for that to happen! I started my career in luxury retail so to now be a vendor would be an absolute honor. Let’s see if the crowd shows up and shows out. And we can sprinkle authentic Black girl magic in all Bloomingdale’s stores! 

What do you want your legacy to be in this industry?

I want to be remembered for always making people feel included, that no matter your status or following I’m thinking of you. I will be the Black version of Bobbi Brown and Emily Weiss, mark my words. I am confident that my legacy will allow women of color to know that you can come from nothing and become something. And when we walk by faith knowing who has our backs, nothing can stop us!


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