Ask A Makeup Maven: Camara Aunique Reveals The One Product She Uses To Give Black Women That Extra Glow
Camara Aunique Beauty

What if your best friend was a celebrity makeup artist and you could ask her anything? Ask a Makeup Maven lets you in on the secrets of the amazing Black makeup and skin experts enhancing the beauty of our favorite stars, influencers, and everyday women.

Camara Aunique, the genius behind the beat faces of June Ambrose, Angela Basset, Jenifer Lewis and so many more, took time out of her booked and blessed schedule to divulge her secrets on how Black women can achieve a lasting glow.

The beauty expert spilled the tea on how to achieve flawless, radiant, head-turning skin inside and out. Read below for her tips and tricks!

On the one thing that gives Black women that extra glow:
One product that gives black women a glow I love is Danessa Myricks Enlight highlighter in Love, it works on all women of color.

On great skin from the inside out: Every morning, I flush with a cup of water with lemon and a few drops of liquid oxygen. I drink about a gallon of water a day — flushing your body with water is powerful. Then I drink a cup of fresh celery juice.

On the one tip or trick that’ll give you flawless looking skin:
Skincare is important so invest in great products. My go-to, Pili Ani the Ultra Moisturizing Cream, is amazing and the beauty elixir is my daily regimen. A fun tip when applying your foundation — wet your beauty blender and add a drop of philosophy Liquid Highlighting Gold Drops to your skin, this allows the foundation to sheer out really nice and the extra glow gives your skin a healthy vibrant look!

Get your glow on and shop Camara’s picks below! Check out her work (and gorgeous eyelash line) at!


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