The Renowned ‘Black Hair Experience’ Is Expanding From Atlanta To The DMV
Courtesy of The Black Hair Experience

Events celebrating Black hair have slowly but surely become more commonplace—think Curlfest, Natural Hair Expo, the list goes on. Exhibits, however, not so much. The Black Hair Experience is seeking out to change that and they’ve done it so well that a second location has just opened its doors.

Expanding from Atlanta, GA to Washington, D.C. the 20,000 sq. ft. exhibit includes: a beautifully handcrafted swing with handles made of large braids and twists, a Back Wall that captures the essence of Black childhood experiences, relatable displays of trips to beauty supply stores and salons, self-affirmations that every little Black girl needs and so much more—a super Instagrammable. Founded by Alisha Brooks, a visual artist, and Elizabeth Austin-Davis, a world-renowned photographer, the exhibit blends the beauty and complexities of Black hair with larger-than-life sculptures and activations.

“We’re bringing those nostalgic moments we all share when it comes to ‘getting our hairright’ to life with Instagram-worthy spaces,” Brooks said in a press release. “We’ll be celebrating black hairculture across numerous installations. This is a culturally inclusive experience that provokes real-time connections through the universal symbol of hair,” Austin-Davis adds.

The must-see experience walks attendees through the evolution of Black hair over the decades through 15 activations, and already, Instagram feeds have been inundated with attendees taking in the experience, showing just how mystifying the experience truly is.

So grab your ticket and join The Black Hair Experience the hair party starting now.


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