13 Must-Try Jelly Nail Designs That Will Trump Your Gel Manicure

This is one trend you'll definitely want to try!
Jennifer Ford Aug, 16, 2018

If you were a fan of jelly sandals in the 90’s, then you’re sure to love the latest nail trend to take Instagram by storm.

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Jelly nails are dominating our timelines this season, and just as the name suggests, they’re reminiscent of the retro footwear and are even equally as cool.

What’s great about these nails is the fact that acrylic isn’t required. The magical manicure calls for nothing more than a clear builder gel to get the shape and length you desire.

Best of all, this trend even encourages nail hygiene. Since jelly nails require a sheer top polish, you’ll be able to see everything (including gross under nail debris). So basically, if you’ve got your eyes set on this trend, you’ll want to keep your nails squeaky clean.

If you’re up for the challenge, scroll through the gallery below for inspiration on how to rock the look. 

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Keep the 90s theme going with a bright neon polish.

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Channel your inner unicorn with rainbow tips.

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Add a little sparkle and shimmer with glitter.

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Confetti is a great addition for special occasions.

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Don’t forget to add a little bling.

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Jelly nails are a great option for the bride to be.

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Not a fan of long nails? You can still get in on the trend.

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You can rock them matte or crystal clear.

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Add dimension to your translucent tips with fun designs and rhinestones.

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Rock two of our favorite looks in one by lightly dusting on a chrome finish.

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Jelly nails are even an affordable way to rock red bottoms.

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Nail the perfect shape.