11 New Vitamin C-Infused Products For Glowing Skin
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Staying safe and staying healthy is top priority right now, and it’s likely the reason that oranges and other citrus fruits are on high demand at the grocery store. We’ve known for ages the wonders of vitamin C for our insides. Now that we know the wonders it works for our outsides, it’s a go-to for brands looking to elevate dull looking skin.

Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Nazanin Saedi recommends Vitamin C for everyone because of its ability to brighten.

“[People] with melanin-rich skin tend to be a bit more susceptible to hyperpigmentation so the brightening component of vitamin C definitely helps to produce a more uniform glow on darker skin,” she said.

“It works as an antioxidant that fights against free radicals formed when we are exposed to the sun. It also helps reduce the appearance of discoloration without interfering with your skin’s natural coloration or causing whitening. It hydrates and plumps out fine lines to reveal a more smooth appearance as well.”

Check out these 11 new vitamin C-infused products to get your skin looking its best as we prepare to get back outdoors. Some are serious splurges, but they’ll last through the summer season and they make for great gifts.

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