This Is Why Women Are Applying Their False Lashes Wrong
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It’s hard to imagine that for as long as Black women have been wearing false lashes—whether in the form of strips, wispies, or extensions—that we could possibly be getting wrong. But according to Quon Wilson, founder and owner of Quon’s Eyes, a beauty brand that specializes in helping women command the room, many of us are making a mess of it.

“A lot of people don’t know where to properly place their lashes,” said Wilson. “They’ll sometimes adhere them on top of their natural lashes and that’s something you do not want to do.”

Ummm, whoops?!

In an attempt to get that strip flesh against the lash line most of us will do whatever it takes, glue burn be damned. But according to Wilson, it’s not healthy for our natural lashes or our natural lash line. And we’re doing a lot more damage than good over time.

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She says think of her lashes as a protective style for your lashes. When you say it like that it makes sense. We know better not to lay wigs down over our own hair in a way that’s deliberately harmful to it. No one wants to need falsies because their poor lash line is completely bald.

We have to think about our lashes as hair that needs to be cared for like all of our other beautiful parts.


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