Supa Cent Makes Another $1.3 Million In Cyber Monday Sale
Getty Images

Last year, it was a Cyber Monday miracle for The Crayon Case founder Reynell “Supa Cent” Steward, when she made $1 million in just 90 minutes. But greatness wasn’t enough for the cult brand CEO, and she sold $1.37 million dollars in just one hour in another sale she hosted online the following March. So we were waiting eagerly to see what would happen this Cyber Monday and the outspoken mogul did not disappoint, matching her spring numbers.

Fans of the brand and its leader were both happy for her, and disappointed for all the items that they weren’t quick enough to get their hands on. And the stakes were high as The Crayon Case announced on its Instagram page that many of its bestsellers from 2019 would be discontinued in the new year.

But crayon cuties have new products to look forward to once their favorites are all gone. Supa announced to a sold-out crowd at Essence Festival in July that she would be launching a foundation line called “Face Paint,” which would offer an array of shades.

We look forward to seeing the online mayhem that ensues when she drops that new million dollar making venture.

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