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Beauty Moments From Caribbean Festival Crop Over 2019 in Barbados

Bright colors, unique styles and creativity were at the forefront of this year's festival.
Beauty From Crop Over 2019
Kyle Babb

When Barbados revived the Crop Over Festival in 1974, we couldn’t expect it to come back as anything less than the fun-filled fete that we know today. While all eyes are always on Barbados native Rihanna, who made a splash this year with her Bantu knots and soft pink lipstick, the ladies and gents who attend the celebration are pretty noteworthy, especially in their display of Black beauty.

Just as we saw at Caribana earlier this week (and pretty much every Caribbean festival this summer), the makeup was bright and colorful, the looks were bold and fun, and masks and face gems were beauty accessories of choice for many festival goers.

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Year after year, we’re here for it, and 2019’s parade was no exception. Hair was a rainbow, filled with with reds, blonds, pinks, and other colors. We captured some of those looks before the festival came to a close on Tuesday. Let the beauty trends begin!