Hair And Beauty Moments From Caribana 2019

For anyone jumping in a Caribbean festival, there are a few things that are of utter importance: your costume, your energy, and your beat. But even if you’re simply celebrating from the sidelines, you show up serving a look of bawdy and beauty.

This year’s festivities were marked with a welcome abundance of bright colors on eyes, lips and hair, and face jewels that mimicked the jewels on the elaborate costumes worn. Sky-high lashes were a must for those who donned masks that covered up everything but their eyes, and creative color combos suitable for such a celebration were at the forefront.

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Even over-the-top sunglasses were part of some beauty looks as festival goers attempted to shield their lids from the strong Toronto sun. And of course, these ladies know how to secure a beat, with looks not budging through the long hours, heat, or even sweat.

The dynamism on display is nothing short of what we expect from the 52-year-old festival and the creative and energetic people who attend each year.