‘Bare It All’: Naomi Campbell Gives Us A Glimpse Of Her Beauty Without Her Signature Hair
Getty Images
Naomi Campbell showed us why she landed her legendary beauty campaign with Nars Cosmetics last week. And she is stunning even when she decides to “bare it all.” The ultra-glam supermodel, 48, posted a photo of herself on Instagram with no wig. “Bare it all,” Campbell captioned the photo. Campbell has been the queen of long, bone-straight wigs and weaves. But in this photo, her natural mane was in simple cornrows. The legend announced her first-ever beauty campaign last week with Nars cosmetics after being a staple in the modeling for decades. In a 2017 interview, Naomi revealed that regardless of her status in the industry, she still experienced racism and colorism, which she believes is the reason she was never asked to front a beauty campaign. “I’ve never done one for anyone. People say, ‘Oh, you’ve got beautiful skin’, and yet I’ve never done one,” she told the reporter. Congratulations to Naomi!


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