Barbie Just Got A Makeover And It Includes Baby Hair
Photo: Getty

The second BMR1959 collection from Barbie just launched. And the fresh installation, which celebrates 90s fashion trends like coveted power blazers and bucket hats, surprisingly gives a nod to two timeless Black hair trends: Bantu knots and baby hair.

According to comments on a recent Instagram post, which includes photos of the new collection, Black fans are happy to see a diverse lineup with Barbie dolls that look like them.

“Finally, a barbie that feels like me,” a fan commented. “First of all!!!??? Bantu Knots!?…#iSTAN,” said another fan. “Already pre-ordered mine!”

News of the launch comes amid a nationwide push to support the Black community, and Barbie is refocusing their efforts to do so.

Earlier this month the brand publicly shared its action steps, which includes working with retail to ensure that diversity is represented, as well as highlighting more images of diverse dolls and talent in all advertising.

The new collection, however, managed to ruffle a few feathers. One person questioned whether or not profits would go to the black community, while another claimed cultural appropriation.

“This is cultural appropriation to the highest degree. Get some black people on your team to let y’all know this not okay,” a follower wrote.

In addition to creating diverse dolls, Barbie has also committed to bring on more black consultants to advise in product, content and programming.

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