Angela Simmons Drops The First Product From Her New Skin Care Line
Photo: Getty

When someone like Angela Simmons, who has flawless skin, drops a new serum that claims to hydrate and tighten your skin, you buy it. Perhaps that’s the reason why the new Glow In A Bottle Clear Tonic from Simmons Beauty sold out just hours after launching on Monday. 

The reality star announced last month that she had been spending some time in the lab developing the formula and that she was excited for fans to try it. And the fact the new tonic is currently out of stock only confirms that her fans’ feelings were mutual. 

Simmons took to Instagram yesterday to thank them for their support and to announce that the serum will be back in stock soon. 

“Great Morning @shopsimmonsbeauty!!! So thankful for everyone who supported yesterday. We will have more in stock in 3 weeks. But you can still place an order for when the new shipment arrives,” she captioned the post.

So if you weren’t able to get your hands on the hot ticket item yesterday, you can preorder the serum for $30 ( for a limited time) on the brand’s website.

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