Boasting a client list that includes Jennifer Hudson, Laverne Cox and Ciara, our second 2022 Best in Black Hair Hairstylist of the Year winner, Kiyah Wright, approaches hair from a multifaceted angle. “I’m a full- makeover guru,” Wright says. “My vision comes from the total imaging of a woman.” When it comes to keeping textured hair clean, she suggests a shampoo schedule. “If your hair is a kinkier texture, you should shampoo every seven days,” she advises. “If your hair is on the curlier side, I would do a co-wash or shampoo every three to five days and wear it curly.” If a silk-out is desired, be sure to maintain the integrity of the curl. “A thermal heat protectant spray or cream is key,” she says. “If your texture is softer and curlier, round brush- ing your hair is a good start.”

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