9 Reasons Why 'Football Wives' Beats 'Basketball Wives'

Last night, the second episode of VH1's "Football Wives" series aired, and many tuned in to see how the wives of the NFL would stack up to the overly dramatized "Basketball Wives" VH1 aired back in April. We all know how reality shows can be train wrecks, but if picking the lesser of two evils, "Football Wives" wins. Not to say we won't see the typical petty flareups, forced makeups, sensationalized "major" events, and air of glamour in the mix, but the NFL wives of Dallas look better than their NBA counterparts for many reasons, and here's a quick nine: Here's what you had to say: Fatimah commented via Facebook: "Basketball Wives was enough. I'm over folks and their irrelevant drama over cheating men, gossip and groupies." Jacqueline wrote via Facebook: "I watched the first two episodes yesterday. What a hot mess! But I like good drama, so I'll keep watching."


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