Commentary: Someone Give Chris Brown a Tissue

Chris Brown, cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it. Young Chris made headlines on Sunday night for his spectacular tribute to Michael Jackson at the 10th annual BET Awards. No question, Brown's performance put all tributes to the King of Pop to shame. But, just when I was finally ready to say something nice about the fallen star, I had to roll his eyes when I saw his shoulder-shaking, teary-eyed emotional breakdown... Here's what you had to say: Amisa commented: "I continue to be disappointed with him as a person, with the poor decisions he continues to make, and with BET for giving him a platform to turn a tribute to the greatest entertainment of all time into a "look at me" moment." RJ commented: "Chris Brown used very poor judgement in his case with Rihanna. He fulfilled his punishment. It is time to let the young brother live."



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