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[MUSIC] Far as we know, Taraji is single. Would you ever date her? Would I ever date Taraji? As you can imagine, people love us cuz of what we did as Jody and Yvette. Right, it's iconic. Same thing That Rachel McAdams did with Ryan Gosling in The Notebook, which is my favorite love movie. Independent of us being together and being good friends, I look at her and I think she's very amazing and special, but I don't really know what that chemistry is independent of a movie set. And we both- That's fair enough. We both have never tried to go there either. But it could be interesting. I mean, I do love when I do Noah but she's got a very big personality and I do too and I feel like when you get in a relationship, you could cancel each other out. Has nothing to do with her success versus mine. She just has a, she's a Virgo. She's loud. She's aggressive. And you're a cat. And I'm big and I'm aggressive and I need a woman that's got a soft voice and her voice doesn't even go above a certain octave. [MUSIC]

Yvette and Jodi in Real Life? Tyrese Speaks on the Possibility of Dating Taraji P. Henson

Even when things got a bit real, we all wanted to see Yvette and Jodi make it in the end. Find out if Tyrese would be open to dating the fabulous Taraji P. Henson in real life.