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[BLANK_AUDIO] Are there gonna be parallels between Black-ish and Grown-ish, and how would you describe the show? I mean I think how I describe the show is, of course we're in the pre-production phases, so there are no scripts that I can give you an inside scoop on. But [CROSSTALK] No inside scoop? Sorry! Okay y'all- I don't have the scoop yet! Okay. But I mean the main goal of the show Show and what we've really discussed with the writers and Kenya Barris is to portray college in its most authentic form. Of course, like in Black-ish, some things are exaggerated for the sake of comedy, but it's really based in this sense of reality. And I think that's what we really want for Grown-ish. This ability to tell a story. Now of course, there will be a lot happening to the main character. Yes. They don't happen to every student, but we want to address the issues that college, that students deal with, whether it is, of course, like you're saying, peer pressure or figuring out who you are and figuring out I mean that we use a big fish in a small pond and so there is this what you notice even in that first episode when she goes to visit her college is that she's unsure of herself and it's one of the first time to see her unsure of herself and it's important to not gloss over that is like Yes well she'll be confident again. All the time right. Telling the story what it means to be a young girl what it means to be part of the jealousy. And what it means to be on a college campus right now. Do you feel any pressure because Black-ish does such a great job of tackling issues, much like it sounds like Grown-ish will do in such a great, funny responsible way. Do you feel any pressure to live up to the success of Black-ish? What's lovely is that we still have the same amazing team behind it. Of course, it's different writers room, but I really don't feel the pressure because what I love is that, of course, Grown-ish is an extension of Black-ish, but at the same time, it's gonna have a different feel. And I love this idea that it's in all of the writers' minds. They wanna make it relevant cuz that's what has made Black-ish so crucial to just the TV landscape, this idea of It's a telling of our reality, and that it's based on what's happening now, and so I think that's something that we all are very aware of walking into this. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Yara Shahidi On Going From “Black-ish” To “Grown-ish”

In her ESSENCE Now interview, actress Yara Shahidi reveals what to expect from her "Black-ish" spinoff, "Grown-ish".