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[MUSIC] Have you noticed that your hair choices, whether it's long, short, curly, straight, have affected your dating life? I think it doesn't affect it in a negative way, I feel like I just get a different, I get approached all the time. Honey, of everything. Just go ahead and put that out there. [CROSSTALK] But I definitely, I definitely get approached by a different type of man, depending on what hairstyle I decide to wear. When I take it down to the kneecaps you know, I get the little young- Little tenderonies Little tenderonies. Damn! [LAUGH] But when, but when I have it short and sassy, I may get approached by A working man, you know? You know, on Wall Street somewhere. Well I've, I've been married almost twenty four years and my husband loves my curly hair. Occasionally, very rarely, like twice a year I blow my hair out straight, very different train ride and walking down the street. It's like, oh you look so nice today, oh good afternoon, and I'm like I have on jeans and flip-flops. Right. Mm-hm. But my hair is straight. So there's a different response. Oh. Jenell? I've been with my husband for ten years and he loves my hair natural, but when we first started dating I was relaxed. And when I went natural he loved it. And all my girlfriends at Are natural. They have no problem finding men, boyfriends. They're dating, married but just like you said, it's a different type of guy that's approaching them. And the names, the language that they get. Like Nubian princess. [LAUGH] My queen. Like they get those beautiful names. Instead of a short A. That's what you're like. [LAUGH] Oh okay! You know, it makes you feel like you're earthy or something, I don't know. Well you know men are always trying to come up with techniques to get at. Uh-huh. But I don't know, I always wore my hair pretty much the same, so I see a difference in when I gain or lose weight. Depending on. Something else. It depends on what's going on down in this area. It depends on what type of man approaches me but I had my husband before he passed away. God rest his soul. He said I looked cleaner with my hair straight. Cleaner. Cleaner because my natural curl is kinda frizzy curl. like wet look. And I don't know in his eyes that looks more like a dirty girl. Oh okay! He liked my hair straight. But I like my hair curly. I don't know what this is. This is somewhere in between I guess. [LAUGH] l It's okay. It's okay. And Goshe what are your thoughts? It doesn't affect my current relationship You know just in walking down the street different hairstyles length color it does change the type of people that do talk to me. Yes or no? Would you change your hair for your dream job? Absolutely not. Ursula? Dream job. Dream job. Would I change my hair for my dream job. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Janelle? I'll play the game. No. If I can't be me it's not for me. I'm an actress so that's an easy yes. Yeah. Absolutely all the time. So it's like I could do I could be who you want me to be called. What you need? Goshae I see you thinking over there. No because I like who I am and that's The thing that I like about being self-employed. I get to do, you know, what I want to do. And I have to go to someplace, because that's who you want me to be. You know, I enjoy being me and make my own decisions. [SOUND]

Would You Change Your Hair For Your Man or Your Job?

Our #EssenceLive hair panel weighs in on whether or not they would change their hair for their man or job.