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So apparently the young boy was just really really excited to see his aunt, ran, jumped on her, boom, she fell, okay. Media outlets painted Jennifer as a villain and social media dubbed her as the worst aunt ever and the aunt from hell. Jenifer appeared on the Today Show this morning actually alongside her nephew Sean, they cleared the air as to why they sued her nephew. She said she never wanted to sue her nephew, but because of a technicality with the insurance claim, in order to get her medical bill paid she had to name an individual on the lawsuit. Now just a quick interjection here. We've dug a little bit deeper into this. This was a claim made with the Home Owner's Association where she fell, not her health care provider. Now, because Sean caused the fall, she named him. All right, panelists. What are you thinking? Slayed or Shade? Shade, shade, shade. Okay I have to go to the moms first. Kalisz talk to me. Okay this shade is not directed at the Auntie. Okay? Okay. This shade is directed at social media. Because seriously, I believe this woman when she says it was a She had no idea they were gonna find out. There was somebody in that courtroom who was like, ooh this makes a good headline. This is gonna sound real bad for this girl. And they made, they kinda used her. Cuz obviously she wasn't trying to get her eight year old to pay her $100,000. The homeowners insurance told her to do it, I think that's why she did it. But social media these days, they're trying to hang everybody. They went for Columbus You dead now but we still gonna get you. We don't like you anymore. You are not safe, you can't do anything. No one's safe on social media anymore, no one's safe. Cory? Shame to the aunt because, I like that point, but come on, it was your nephew. It was an organic, authentic moment. He was happy to see Yes, unfortunately, you hurt your hand. I think I read somewhere, she said it was hard for her to hold hors d'oeuvres. And it happened four years ago. Yeah, and I'm like, you know what? You should have just let it go, paid for it, do it in. And real talk, so my aunt, I mean my big momma years ago jokingly say she was gonna sue my uncle because his dog jumped on her and hurt her. And we were all like, why would you even that tell big momma. And she was just like, you never know. You know what I mean? So I just still, so the shade is like the thought of it. Like why even had, she do be knowing that. Oh, Lord. I'm really nervous that you get the last word on this one. I'm so nervous. We in danger. I'm just gonna pray. [LAUGH] But you don't have to [UNKNOWN]. What were you? Were you slayed. I don't know. I'm gonna pray. Because I do agree with the social media aspect of it. I think that things tend to get blown out of proportion. I think this was probably something where she probably sat down with his mom, or her brother, or her sister, whoever is his parent and [UNKNOWN] She ain't try to sue that little boy. I mean [CROSSTALK] she tried to sue that little boy. See what I mean? You just turned the whole thing upside down. Dang. [LAUGH] It just went to a higher- I'm sorry. I'm done. [LAUGH] I ain't got no shade. It's a wrap. It's it. Slayed or Shade, done.

Woman Sues 12-Year-Old Nephew After 'Agressive Hug'

A New York City woman sued her 12-year-old nephew over a broken wrist she suffered from 4 years ago after he gave her an "agressive hug." Will our panel throw shade or give her a slay? Find out!